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Attention Christian Women Tired of Hiding Out in Unfulfilling Lives:

“YOU Can Reclaim Your Power, Reframe Your Past, and Reinvent Yourself Into The Woman You KNOW GOD Created YOU To Be!!!”

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Aren’t you?  


YES you are!  If ANY of these statements are true about you…
  • You’re ready to stop pretending you’re ok with living an unfulfilled life.
  • You’re ready to quit hiding out behind indecisiveness to start living in the momentum of a MADE UP MIND.
  • You’re fed up with being overly concerned with what others think & want concerning you because it’s stealing your opportunities to explore what you think & want for yourself.
  • You’re ready to stop committing “authenticity suicide” by playing small to keep “them” comfortable.  
  • You’re fed up with self sabotaging… you’re ready to grow!!!
  • You’re ready to stop ignoring your gifts, talents & heart’s desires.  

It’s a counterintuitive mess isn’t it?  How the ways of being you adopted back then to “fit in” & be “liked” ended up turning into the mindset that’s totally blocking you from fully embracing, cultivating & expressing your God-made self brilliance NOW!!!         


Dear Woman of God,

I used to struggle everyday with the pain of playing small.  

KNEW I had the gifts & talents to make my dream of playing bigger come to pass, but I was STUCK in an unfulfilling life & career…  

…there was a major disconnect in my life.

I knew (intellectually) that I had everything I needed to live the life I dreamed about BUT…  

“Do you know what it’s like having your highest vision for yourself in one hand, everything you need to make it come to pass in the other, and still feel locked outside your power to bridge the gap between the two?

If you’re anything like me & many of my clients, you dream about doing bigger things, of having an impact & an influence in areas you KNOW you could make a difference *BUT*…

There’s that “but” again…

You tell yourself “stories” about why you:

  • Can’t do it right now / shoulda done it back then…
  • Can’t leave / shouldn’t stay…
  • Can’t afford it / shouldn’t spend it…
  • Never did that before / would never do that again…
  • Are too scared, too old, too busy, too little, too big, too broken…
  • And the list goes on and on.

It’s like the story of who you think you are (or aren’t) has become the governor of the state called YOU.

Everything runs through the filter of the story you’ve been telling yourself.  Anything that doesn’t match gets pushed to the side.  Even the things your heart desires most.

“But Beloved, here’s the truth:

Ignoring heart’s desires is the root of unfulfillment.”

Your heart’s desires were given to you to be the pathway to your purpose.

“You can’t afford to keep allowing old stories to hold you back from living out your potential to become your fullest self.”

The Holy Spirit keeps whispering…

  • “You’re BIGGER than this.”
  • “You’re CALLED to something greater.”
  • You’re MEANT for something MORE.”
  • “God has an AWESOME life reserved for YOU.”
  • “He’s gonna USE YOU MIGHTILY…”    

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These are words of confirmation for you!!! 







“But there’s another truth on the table you simply can’t continue to ignore… “ 

“You’re not experiencing lasting breakthroughs from old mindsets of ingrained, self defeating, self sabotaging patterns.”


I know that frustration first hand, too.  It’s what led me to spend the last 9 years working & studying my own “stuff”.   

Friends & family both kept telling me it wasn’t necessary to do that kind of deep self-work.  “It’s under the Blood”, they said.  “Just let it go”.  Well, I could only agree with 1/2 of that…. 

It’s ABSOLUTELY under the Blood!!!  Praise the Lord!!!

But it’s also true that we’re only transformed in spirit when we get saved.  

Our mental & emotional patterns & conditionings aren’t changed one bit… and THEY are the driving factors behind the fruit we see in our lives.

We’re told to “be transformed by the renewing of our minds” because without a mental transformation, soul prosperity is impossible!

I wanted the “real deal” salvation experience.  I yearned to be set free, made whole in every area of my life… NOT the typical see-saw ride of fluctuating spiritual highs & breakthroughs that didn’t last…


And then it started happening… 

“God began revealing the root of where my feelings of unfulfillment & “stuckness” were coming from.”


Lies I’d bought as truth in childhood about myself, others, the world in general (and even some about Him) had become the invisible thieves robbing my ability to bridge the gap between my far reaching vision & the permission I was giving myself to manifest it.”

Finally, insight on those “carbon monoxide stumbling blocks” I couldn’t see, touch, or even understand before.  

And doing the work of learning all about these invisible forces was TOTALLY worth the investment of money, time & attention I put in because it turns out my search wasn’t just about me, it was about YOU too!

“Wanna know the odds that true-lies are (in some way) affecting your capacity, your confidence & the permission you give yourself to fully embrace your heart’s desires & play bigger around your purpose???”



“Let me help you uncover & set free the unique & beautiful woman GOD created you to be!!!  

“It’s time for you to break free from your true-lies & limiting story and start walking in your fullness with my signature coaching program called Born Again Women In Bloom…


I’m gifting you a 30 minute complimentary Discovery Session.   We’ll talk privately to discuss your goals & needs and determine your next best step is to Reclaim Your Power & Reframe Your Past So You Can Reinvent Yourself & Bloom into BE Fully Expressed, Fulfilled & Free!!!

 Click here to complete your brief application & I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session. 


The reason you’re open to accepting this kind of support now is because you know:

  • There’s no magic wand to wave over your situation. 
  • There’s no angel coming to pack up your things & move you into wholeness & abundance. 
  • There’s no emotional or spiritual high you’re going to ride into your greatness….


This leg of the journey is all about you taking charge & making the decision to GO DEEPER so you can GO HIGHER!!!


 Can you imagine:

  • Freely & fully embracing the High Call of leader, healer, writer, or speaker you know is yours to answer with confidence & commitment? 
  • Developing a new perspective about your past that turns it into the launching pad of your purpose-driven impact & influence in the world?
  • Cultivating the courage to step out on faith to touch people’s lives making a living doing that thing you love that doesn’t even feel like work to you?
  • Getting the visibility you deserve & shining brilliantly in the spotlight as you use your gifts & talents to inspire others to go for their gold?
  • Falling in love with yourself & your life in ways that expand & positively influence everyone in your circle?
  • Resurrecting that “crazy childhood dream” to have it blossom into the work that feeds you, your loved ones & your legacy?

 Imagining yourself as the woman who lives this kind of life might be a stretch for you…

But God created to BECOME her!!!

You ARE her!!!  

You can do it… 

I promise!!!”


Why am I so confident you can do this & that you’ll experience a deep, profound, lasting transformation with this program?


Because I used to be a “hider outer” in an unfulfilling life.  I used to be a woman full of fear and shame & blame.  I was bound by limiting beliefs & feelings of unworthiness, illegitimacy & victimization…  

I self sabotaged ALL the good God was trying to bring my way.  That season felt like it went on forever…

BUT GOD gave me the victory!  He turned my mess into my message by leading me through the same process I’m here to coach you through.    


Here’s just some of the fruit I’ve manifested since committing to this deep self-work:

  • 2006 – 2012: Acting on stage & in various independent films
  • 2008: Quit the spirit draining job I’d been on 14 years
  • 2009: Moved to NYC to study acting at acclaimed William Esper Studio. (still pinching myself on that one:)
  • 2009: Published my book Slow Running Honey First Born Poems of Salvation. (link to purchase)
  • 2010: Started Bible teaching & motivational speaking
  • 2012: Drove cross country (solo) / 46 days…25 states…8,800 miles (AWESOME:) 
  • 2013: Auditioned @ Tyler Perry Studios (SUPER COOL:)
  • 2013: Launched “Ask Coach Alaina” Radio Show on
  • 2013: Creator/Host of the “Born Again Women In Bloom” podcast


When I look back over these accomplishments, I think about the mindset & identity shifts I had to undergo for me to be able to do every… single… one of them.  

If my praise report doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, that’s fine.  You really don’t have to be impressed at all because they were my triumphs & my dreams that came up out of the well of my heart’s desires.    

“Plus, that’s the beautiful thing about becoming the woman of your dreams…

The dream is YOURS!!!

Nobody else has to approve of it, like it, or even believe it’s possible!  

Your heart’s desires & creative expressions aren’t supposed to look like anybody else’s…


The divine rainbow & pot of gold God put in you before the foundations of the world…

AND they are the ONLY thing that will bring you true fulfillment in life.  

Trying to mask unhappiness behind unfulfilling work…

Trying to dress up an empty life with expensive clothes & things…

Trying to use someone else’s expectations as a substitute for your own is like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.

“You’re ready to face the parts of yourself you’ve been ignoring because you know it’s the only way to come out of the old story into the abundant life Jesus Christ came so YOU could enjoy!” 


Born Again Women In Bloom Coaching is for you if…

  • You’re ready to own & honor your right to shine as a woman of God.
  • You want specialized support to help you take back your permission & courage to discover & become the woman He created you to be.
  • You need help releasing the heavy pieces of your past so you can be free to soar in your purpose & live to the fullest
  • You’re ready to cultivate a new identity based on what God says about your worth, significance & intrinsic personal value  
  • You appreciate the time-savings of accelerating the process of your personal development & spiritual growth by creating your own breakthroughs & transformation
  • You’re ready to trade your old confining story for a new one where you get to be the star who unapologetically manifests your brilliance & your joy
  • You want the coaching & tools to get unstuck from an unfulfilling life & learn ways to keep yourself in the flow
  • You love the idea of working with a coach who’ll walk you through a process that supports you in creating a more intimate walk with God

Click here to complete your brief application & I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session. 

Get the help you need to get past the hidden barriers and remove the stubborn blocks standing in your way of being a fully committed co-creator with God.  It’s time to manifest the far reaching vision & dream you have for your life.”  



Some benefits & results you can expect from Coaching with me are:

  • Creating a Personal Transformation Sanctuary where you’ll do the top three things to daily cultivate your God-made self & purpose into being. 
  • Developing a new perspective of your worth & value and embodying it in love & support of yourself & others.
  • Entering into a “spiritual partnership” with God that will expand your trust & peace in Him so you’re free to accept your life’s events as the purposeful occurrences they’ve been.
  • Receiving the coaching & exercises you need to identify & unpack your “stuff.”
  • Admitting & acknowledging your “story” & walking through a powerful cleansing ceremony to release the unwanted parts of it.  
  • Discovering what Integrated Identity is & determining the identity shifts necessary for you to cultivate soul prosperity.  
  • Uncovering, acknowledging & releasing your true-lies & redefining your belief system based on the infallible Word of God.   
  • Learning to fall in love with your self & give yourself permission to express it in healthy ways. 
  • Discovering how to use the emotion of gratitude to accelerate your life in every area. 
  • And so much more…

 Click here to complete your brief application & I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session. 

Here’s what some of my clients are saying…

For so long I wanted respect from people that I wasn’t getting.  Alaina coached me on empowering my voice and now KimBurgessI’m able to say what I have to say, sometimes with shaking knees, but more often than I used to be, I am calm and grounded.  I feel in more integrity with myself which built my self respect.  Now I do get more respect from others.  A LOT MORE!  Without Alaina’s help with healing my relationship with my voice and giving myself permission to use it, I know I wouldn’t be experiencing the increased success I’m seeing…ESPECIALLY IN MY BUSINESS.  I’ve learned that my voice is my most powerful tool!  I hear Alaina’s voice in my head reminding me of it all the time.  Great results from working with her!

Kim Burgess, Realtor: New Construction/Relocation (North Carolina) 


Rozlyn-Warren-WidgetWorking with Alaina is spectacular!  Her ability to cut to the core of the issue with gentleness and love was so precious and powerful allowing me to create massive shifts in my understanding and beliefs. This process of inquiry brought up issues that I had never seen before and allowed me to replace these self defeating programs with powerful new beliefs and intentions.  I have action steps to cement this new awareness and I feel lighter and solidly grounded at the same time.  Amazing!!                   

Rozlyn Warren, CHt, ESLC


Alaina has been such a blessing to me.  Her sweet demeanor and spirit led insight made it easy for me to open up to her.  The exercises she suggested I do have helped me to heal in many ways.  She has a great Call on her life to help others overcome their pasts.    

~Melisa P.  


Before I came into contact with Alaina I was depressed, hurting, and searching for love in all the wrong places.  I chased rejection, especially in playing the “I can change him” game.  I didn’t know what I wanted.  I just knew what I had wasn’t it.  Working with Alaina helped me clarify and get there.  She helped me uncover my creative side.  I’m doing creative things now and doing my work in ways I enjoy it.  Alaina helped me look in the mirror at myself and helped me get to the root of why I was self sabotaging even though I wanted better for myself.  She helped me to heal a place in my heart that had been broken ever since childhood.  If you want to understand yourself better, grow to become a better version of yourself, and get more connected to God in the process, Alaina is definitely your coach.                

Private Client, 1-on-1 Coaching


I wouldn’t journal because I didn’t really think I was a writer.  I’d also had a crazy incident when I was younger when a sibling found a notebook where I jotted down some personal stuff which totally traumatized me from doing any personal writing.  Alaina coached me past this block and, man, can I tell you how much identity work and healing have come out of my willingness to simply pick up pen and paper.  I write just about every day now.  I’m actually thinking about working on a book!  I got much more out of coaching with Alaina but this has given me so much more clarity about myself.  She asks about your “priceless piece” all the time… I learned that writing is mine.  

Private Client, 1-on-1 Coaching


When I needed a counselor, minister of God’s Word, a friend, and a bold, wise virtuous overcomer of her own past toKimBurgess light the way for me, God sent me Alaina Odessa.  So many times she spoke things to me I didn’t necessarily want to hear, but I needed to hear those words at that time to grow.  I’m glad she accepted the mandate of the Call of God on her life because she has certainly helped me to go after mine.  If you desire to become more, laugh more, give yourself and your family more of you, and gain more self respect, then I encourage you to hire Alaina as your coach.  Get and read Slow Running Honey, too… and may your heart and dreams be blessed forevermore!!   

Kim Burgess, Realtor: New Construction/Relocation (North Carolina)



Woman of God, you aren’t called Born Again for nothing…  A fresh start, a new mind, a new life, A NEW YOU is possible if you’re willing to create it.  I look forward to connecting with you soon.”

PICT0009 copy_edited-2Blessings & Strength,

Alaina Sign 001






P.S.~If you’re still on the fence, here’s a question for you: Is there at least ONE THING you’ve been dealing with for years?  AND…

If you could positively shift that ONE THING… can you see how that could create a DOMINO EFFECT in other areas?

If YES,  Click here to complete your brief application & I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session.  

P.S.S.~ Last thing… you know, the transformation & breakthroughs you want could happen on their own.  It was a totally unexpected encounter with God that transformed the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus.

But YOU don’t have to wait passively for “maybes” & “somedays” MAKE IT HAPPEN through YOUR committed DECISION TO CREATE IT!!!  

Decide right now to dramatically uplevel your sense of self, worth & value and I promise to hold your hand the whole way and guide you safely into the deep spaces where your transformation lives.

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