Cultivating Your IT Factor

+ Cultivating Your IT Factor

14 Must Haves to Discover, Define & Refine Your Signature Brand


As a new woman entrepreneur, besides yourself, your brand is the most valuable asset of your business.

It’s the essence of everything you stand for as an entrepreneur AND as a woman.  It’s what influences your customers, clients, prospects, partners, investors, employees, your marketing & sales…

And quite honestly, your brand’s message & mission is what’s influencing you.  Think about it.  It’s your brand that’s influencing you to be in business in the first place.

It allows & equips you to provide your audience with exactly what they’re looking for when they do business with you: an Cultivating Your IT Factorauthentic, compelling experience.

You cannot provide the authenticity, the influence OR that compelling experience until you know exactly:

  • Who you are
  • Whose you are &
  • How to love & accept yourself

In short, you have to know, own & celebrate your “IT” Factor.

I am blessed & proud to be one of the 14 co-authors of this book!!!

We have sown our collective wisdom & experience into this powerful collaboration for the sole purpose of preparing & propelling you forward in your “IT” Factor by sharing the 14 must-haves to you need to discover, define & refine your signature brand.

Full of aha moments, Cultivating Your IT Factor is designed for the motivated woman who is ready to unleash her potential through her passions.

As a woman entrepreneur, this book will teach you how to shift your perspective, release unproductive habits, better manage your money, and achieve balance through practices of self-discovery & self-care.

If you’re ready for a unique twist that showcases your personal style and makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace, then join us in cultivating and sustaining YOUR IT Factor!


My chapter is “Power & Profitability of a Healthy Self Concept”.

 Without an informed & healthy identity, the foundation of your business and your life is constructed on a plot of QUICKSAND!!!  

Alaina Odessa

In my chapter of Cultivating Your IT Factor you will learn:

  • How to take back your power over the most influential factor to your quality of life… 
  • Why you feel so vulnerable sometimes (or most of the time) & how to start strengthening yourself in healthy ways…
  • How to say “yes” to a glorious new beginning…
  • How to take back your power & reframe your identity into a life & business you LOVE…
  • The EXACT practices to use to immediately start cultivating LIFE & HEALTH into your self-concept…


In addition to the SPECIAL PRE-ORDER price of $12.00 + $5.60 s&h I’m offering a special bonus!!!

A FREE Instant Download of my most popular & beloved “I Am” Meditation for Single Christian Women.

The I Am Guided Meditation for Christian Women is an anointed Word based creative tool that will help you to:

  • Release from a worldly self identification
  • Connect & ground yourself in the Truth of who you are in Christ
  • Heal & transform your self identity based on Scripture so that you’re free to
  • Give yourself permission to let go of the limiting beliefs holding you back
  • Give yourself permission to BE & BEcome MORE of who you were created to BE
  • Give yourself permission to do & to have MORE of the things you’ve been longing to do & have
  • Manifest your heart’s desires freely & unapologetically

Read more about the I Am Meditation & the happy ladies who have tried it by clicking here.

You’ll see there how to BUY it for $28 Or you can get it *F*R*E*E* as a BONUS & Special THANK YOU from me for preordering your copy of Cultivating Your IT Factor by midnight April 17th 🙂

Cultivating my IT Factor and living into the mission of my brand means I don’t just tell you you need to cultivate a healthy self concept….

I’m committed to creating practical tools to help you do it!!!

For $12 + 5.60 s&h you’re receiving a physical copy of Cultivating Your IT Factor – the newest manual for women entrepreneurs –  shipped to you as soon as it’s ready in May!!! + an instant download so you can be renewing your mind in the next few minutes!!!


That’s a $48 value for less than 18 bucks !!!

Unlimited quantities available for a LIMITED time!!!


Christian Life Coach Alaina OdessaAlaina Sign 001






PS ~ April 17th will be here before you know it… I hope you’ll invest in yourself :)))

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