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Rozlyn-Warren-WidgetWorking with Alaina is spectacular!  Her ability to cut to the core of the issue with gentleness and love was so precious and powerful allowing me to create massive shifts in my understanding and beliefs.  This process of inquiry brought up issues that I had never seen before and allowed me to replace these self defeating programs with powerful new beliefs and intentions.  I have action steps to cement this new awareness and I feel lighter and solidly grounded at the same time.  Amazing!!

~Rozlyn Warren, CHt, ESLC



When I needed a counselor, minister of God’s Word, a friend, and a bold, wise virtuous overcomer of her past to light the way for me, God sent me Alaina Odessa.  So many times she spoke things to me I didn’t necessarily want to hear, but I needed to hear those words at that time to grow.  I’m glad she accepted the mandate of the call of God on her life because she has certainly helped me to go after mine.  If you desire to become more, laugh more, give your family more of yourself and gain more respect for yourself, then I’d lead you to hire Alaina as your coach, get and read Slow Running Honey, and may your heart and dreams be blessed forevermore!!!

~Kim Burgess, Realtor: New Construction/Relocation (North Carolina)


Before I came into contact with Alaina I was depressed, hurting, and searching for love in all the wrong places.  I chased rejection, especially in playing the “I can change him” game.  I didn’t know what I wanted.  I just knew what I had wasn’t it.  Working with Alaina helped me clarify and get there.  She helped me uncover my creative side.   I’m doing creative things now and doing my work in ways I enjoy it.  Alaina helped me look in the mirror at myself and helped me get to the root of why I was doing what I was doing even though I wanted better for myself.  She helped me to heal a place in my heart that had been broken since childhood.  If you want to understand yourself better, grow to become a better version of yourself, and get more connected to God in the process, Alaina is your coach.

~One On One Coaching Client


Teaching at Coffee Shop3

I wouldn’t journal because I didn’t really think I was a writer and I’d also had a crazy incident when I was younger when a sibling found a notebook where I jotted down some personal stuff.  Alaina coached me past this block and man can I tell you how much identity work and healing have come out of my willingness to pick up pen and paper.  I write just about every day now.  I’m actually thinking about working on a book!  I got so much more out of coaching with Alaina but this has given me so much more clarity about myself.  She asks about your PRICELESS PIECE all the time, that’s mine.

~One On One Coaching Client & Wisdom Workshops Participant


Alaina has been such a blessing to me.  Her sweet demeanor and spirit led insight made it easy for me to open up to her.  The exercises she has suggested I do have helped me to heal in many ways.  She has a great Call on her life to help others overcome their pasts.        ~Melisa P.


I felt like she (Alaina) was talking right directly to me.  It was like she read my diary up there.

~A Wisdom Workshops Participant


I am also a single mother with a little blessed little boy who takes much training in the way he should go.  Alaina has been a big part of the mother I am today.  Without her I could have never made it alone because she coached me on seeing that I’m not alone… that God is with me all the time.  She coaches me all the time on keeping my faith and trust in God in sight no matter what it looks like.  One of the biggest things she’s coached me on is being my self around Ashton instead of pretending to him like I know it all and have it all together.  It’s given us a much better and closer relationship.  I can’t say enough about her gifts to me.

~Kim Burgess


For so long I wanted self respect from people that I wasn’t getting.  Alaina coached me on empowering my voice and now I’m able to say what I have to say, sometimes with shaking knees, but more often than I used to be, I am calm and grounded.  I feel in more integrity with myself and I do get more respect from others.  A LOT MORE!  Really in business.  Without Alaina’s help with healing my relationship with my voice and permission to use it, I know I wouldn’t be experiencing the increased success I’m seeing in my business.  I’ve learned that my voice is my most powerful tool and I hear Alaina’s voice in my head reminding me of it all the time.  Great results from working with her.

~One on One Coaching Client


KimBurgessAlaina coached me back into giving myself permission to pick up something I love again, dance.  I’ve taken Ballet, African Dance (my favorite), Hip Hop and Modern.  She helped me to see how it’s healthy for me to express myself creatively and give my precious gifts and interests the time and attention they deserve.  I now am an expressive dancer going to churches and weddings performing.  I’m so thankful to God that she coached me out of the limiting beliefs that were keeping me from expressing myself through dance.  Now I’m dreaming of studying dance in France and being on stage there.  I’m dreaming bigger because of Coach Alaina!

~Kim Burgess, , Realtor: New Construction/Relocation (North Carolina)


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