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In her first book Poet, Speaker, Bible Teacher & Christian Life Coach Alaina Odessa opens up to offer you an intimate peek into the private pages of her journal that became the book.  

Slow Running Honey reads like a “tell all page turner” as the Poet so freely shares what the Holy Spirit ministered… the heart resurrecting salve that woke her up and began freeing her from the prison of her past.


Triumphant Woman

Slow Running Honey will:

    • Minister freedom to your heart & soul so you can be unapologetic about becoming the woman God created you to be.


    • Awaken your creative spirit so you can start living a more fulfilled and purposeful life.


    • Resurrect your heart’s desires so you can feel alive and radiant again.


    • Support you with honoring your own truth so you can stop feeling depressed and cut off from being fully expressed.

    • Deepen your communication with God so you can hear the personal messages He has for you.


  • Help you connect with your own worth and value so you can attract the love & support you deserve.

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Slow Running Honey came down my street, walked up my porch, strolled through my front door,  sat down and made itself right at home in my soul.  Ms. Odessa is an agent of liberation. Her poetic voice is prophetic and therapeutic.  From an avid reader, Slow Running Honey is one of the most fascinating and captivating books I have ever read.  Reverend Otto Harris, Union Memorial UMC



Slow Running Honey is so appropriately named. It was a slow and delicious experience to my inner being. As I read these very relevant words, tears came without warning. Purging AND Edification were simultaneous! Thank you for the experience and for being a woman with conviction and determination.  “Slow Running Honey” is a MUST read!   Avis Robinson, former Program Director of ADS of Greensboro, NC; Entrepreneur



Often times people say, “I am a poet or poetess,” but when you hear their poetry, you wonder, “Who lied to YOU!”  This is NOT the case for Alaina Odessa.

 I remember the first time I heard her share “Prison Time.”  I was completely captivated by the out-pouring of the Holy Ghost wrapped in her anointed rhythmic flow… it left no question in my mind who was the GOD I serve.  I felt empowered!  I felt the gift of God stir up in me!  I felt enriched!  I felt so Blessed to be in the right place, at the right time, to be graced by her performance from Slow Running Honey.  Charity Belton, Motivational Speaker; President of High Point Fine Art Guild



Slow Running Honey breathes honesty, conviction, passion, and purpose. Alaina’s poems touch the essence of salvation.  I felt freed from shame after reading Part One (Voice), from self in Part Two (Vice), and invited to newness in Part Three (Virtue).  I literally experienced the Victory she wrote about in Part Four and celebrated the birthing of my new spirit…  It was like I was reading poetry that had been written just for me!

Slow Running Honey is written with such care… with God in heart, and the individual reader in mind.  T. Nichole Faulkner, Founder of Repairing The Breach Foundation; CoFounder of You Grow Girl Women’s Expo



Alaina, I loved Slow Running Honey.  You encouraged me to be bold, to go after my God given heart’s desires.  I learned that my job is to trust God to fulfill His word; and the adversary’s job is to make that look impossible.  It helped to hear your testimony with the struggles you face as you walk the path of watching your dreams come to pass.  So now when I struggle, I know I’m not the only one.  The Lord never said it would be easy.  I thank God for you, your strength, and determination to make a difference for those who are hurting to be healed.  Kimberly Burgess, Dancer; Speaker; Realtor



Alaina Reading from SRHAlaina Odessa is a blessed poet, actress, and author.  She came into my life unexpectedly; from my first impression, she is a warm, friendly, inspirational and caring.  She has so much to give to others through expression of poems in her book “Slow Running Honey.”  She touches your heart and stirs your soul with her awesome use of words.  Alaina is truly a gifted writer!  Linda Blumenfeld, LBL Marketing



Alaina Odessa is a powerful, new poetic voice.  Slow Running Honey, First Born Poems of Salvation is a life changing work, pregnant with the kind of literary expression that transforms the soul.  Anyone interested in spiritual growth and exploration, anyone interested in getting more in touch with their inner selves, MUST READ THIS BOOK!

It was an honor to create the logo for Alaina Odessa Expressions as I feel it reflects and defines not only the depth of Slow Running Honey, but is the epitome of Alaina herself, and her artistry as a whole.  Eric Kelly III, CEO Kelly Worldwide Agency



Slow Running Honey is an outstanding expression of awareness. It is a treat, a reminder, a lesson and labor of love all rolled into one.  The entire book is a brave, devout, and honest piece of work that enhances and increases the readers’ concept on the importance of a “One on One” Spiritual relationship with the Lord.  It challenged me personally to take a long, hard, and honest look at where I stand, and what I’m standing for.  

Alaina Odessa, thank you for being you, and keep doing what you do!  Anthony Belton, CEO Cre8ive Myndz; Creator of Artistic Blues; Visual Artist



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