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Alaina Odessa is a 21st century psalmist who “mines wisdom with her bare hands” (from the poem Ess in Slow Running Honey).  Alaina is sincere, passionate, transparent, phenomenal.  She is able to capture truth, wisdom, joy, and pain and give them voice like the ancient psalmists.  I am always inspired by the God breathed messages that Alaina delivers.  Listen to her and be inspired too.          ~Pastor Otto Harris

Alaina’s Speaking Topics

The Soulful Woman’s Journey To Naked

5 Layers of Armor You MUST Remove To Live Life In Triumph and Abundance


One of the things that used to bother Alaina more than anything was hearing people tell her to  “let it go” as the premier advice for growth and breakthrough.  Try as she might, the proverbial “it” was just too elusive to get her anywhere.  Every time she was sure she’d done it, there “it” was again.  It’s doubtful “let it go” as a word of wisdom has gotten you any further.  In this powerful eyeopening address, Alaina shares the substance and clarity that prayer, life experience, and study have shown her about the “it”.  You’ll walk away from this talk knowing exactly how to let “it” go to begin manifesting your heart’s desires on purpose because once and for all, you’ll finally know what “it” is.


The Power of Your Personal Belief System

How Thoughts, Emotions, Behaviors, And Fruit Are Always In Alignment


There is so much talk out there these days about limiting beliefs and law of attraction.  Many have followed all the steps from making the vision board to the daily affirmations, but are still unable to create and maintain the change they seek.  Jesus was so committed to teaching about faith in God is because God created us to manifest in life equal to the personal belief system we’re governed by.  Any woman ready to build a healthier connection to herself, health, relationships, business, money, creativity, and her God MUST understand the intricacies of her personal belief system.  In this timeless talk Alaina teaches how real and permanent transformation is created and maintained.


Cultivating the God-made Self

A Woman’s Awakening to Her Divine Potential

images-6“God didn’t make you who you are, He made you who you were.”  This quote by Dr. Mike Murdock is one of Alaina’s favorites.  She knows first hand the pain, confusion, and frustration of walking around in an identity shaped by the world.  God made created us gifted, able, and dependent on Him for all our needs.  That fleshy part of ourselves ruled by fear, bitterness, shame, and manipulation is the total antithesis of our God-made selves.  The God-made self is who we are underneath the lies we’ve been told and the ones we’ve been telling ourselves.  The God-made self is that part of ourselves that when reclaimed and cultivated will make us whole again.  It’s the part we must have if we are ever going to manifest the glorious potential that exists inside each and every woman of God.


9 Decisions To Break You Out Of The Story Keeping You Confined

So You Can Finally Soar Unapologetically, In Authenticity


This life changing dynamic message comes directly from the God breathed proprietary Signature System Alaina uses to coach her private clients out of their self sabotaging routines.  For those who want access to a step by step process guaranteed to support them as they lay down hindering roles and false identities, Alaina uses this illuminating transparent talk to bridge the gap between who we really are and how we’ve learned to be.


Creative Expression: The Seed Of All Things Beautiful and Good

And If You Think You’re Not Creative, Hogwash!!!


We are made in the image and likeness of a Creative God, and yet most Christian women are creatively starved!  Alaina uses this fun eye opening message to remind us of our playful, creative, environment enriching, beauty making power, because as she says, “We’re all creating something whether we realize it or not.  It’s either something from a beautiful dream, a late night spicy meal induced nightmare, or something in between.”  Take this walk down memory lane to recapture the dreams & joys of creativity you explored and longed for as a girl.  You’ll be urged to give yourself permission to color outside the lines of work, and chores, and ordinary life to manifest the unique and limitless options of creativity that live inside your heart.





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